Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When A Dancer's NOT Supposed To Be There

Several weeks ago I was in waves (trailing center) and heard the call "Motivate, Leading Ends Don't Move." After circulating and casting 3/4, I arrived in the center waiting for my star to form. It was only later (that evening, after the dance) that I realized it never would. My partners in the star were my original partner and her symmetric opposite whom I (and my symmop) had left behind at the call's start. I can't imagine being quick-witted enough to have caught that on the fly, on the floor. I guess this all comes under the rubric of "When the Formation isn't There." There are some calls that end with dancers in the spot where they began. Motivate is one of those, for the leading end ... and for the trailing center as well. The leading end does nothing but wander around, join in the star, and drift back to home. That's how the call above was able to work. The trailing center however has to Cast 3/4 both before and after the star. No one, even at C1 (where this all happened), would expect dancers to do that solo. I wonder how many other "fixed-point" calls there are that could work with stationary dancers. I doubt there are many, but I'm sure if I keep dancing/moving, they'll come across me (sigh).

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