Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Touch A Quarter Century

Wasn't able to dance much at this convention but almost every tip was instructive:

1. All 4 Couples, Partner Tag — what an interesting (?) idea, applying "All 4 Couples" (meant for facing couple calls) to a single couple call. Or, what is the difference between All 4 Couples, Partner Tag vs the simpler Partner Tag? The answer lies in one of the subtler passages from Callerlab's Advanced Definitions (p. 21):
At the end of the call, you must adjust to the nearest static square footprints of the wall you are facing. For example, if you end facing the head walls, adjust (without turning) to the nearest head position. If you end on that spot, you don't adjust.
i.e., with "All 4 Couples, Partner Tag," after partner tagging, you advance to the original footprints of your partner's corner, facing in the opposite direction. I won't mention who in my square went wandering right-shoulders past his corner etc.

2. In Your Blocks, Split Square Chain Thru — I'm a sufficiently inexperienced C1 dancer that at first this call struck me as a paradox. How could you move (split) outside of your block!? Well of course you don't. "Split" means do the first part of the call and then quarter in to the inactive dancers and do the rest. If your block is t-boned (couple facing facing singles), the couple are the inactive dancers and all works well. (Note: if the couples in the blocks are near the center, it could get really messy!)

3. From Waves, Ends O-Circulate, Centers Butterfly Circulate — I'll let you figure this out yourself. Hint: you know how the next call begins!

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