Thursday, March 27, 2008

Square Dancing at Str8 Events

There's a lot of square dancing to be had in town! In addition to the gay hoedowns and fly-ins, there's the straight Festivals like WASCA's.

I wonder why not more gay/lesbian dancers go to these events.
I can think of a few reasons. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Some possible reasons why NOT:
-some gay dancers only dance the opposite gender role (boys dancing as girls, vice versa). and therefore not feeling welcome...
-too many events, not enough vacation time, therefore prioritize which ones to attend.
-strict dress code (that stifles one's style).
-your reason here <>

Some reasons why YES:
-if it's local, why yes! no need to worry about extra costs.
-most of them charge only $40 for 3 days and nights of non-stop dancing!!!! $40 only!!!
-a chance to dress up, traditional square dancer style (of course you can do that and MORE (er, also LESS ;-O) at gay fly-ins
-a chance to represent the gay square dance community
-if Club night dancing is not enough, you'll become seasoned within your level in no time.
-Plus DBD dancing for hours and hours and hours!
-general square dancing at any level with plenty of strangers! helps you improve
-you get to dance again to fantastic callers that you've met at fly-ins.
-your reason here <>

Have DCLS members actually discussed these things in the past? (Just curious)

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