Sunday, March 9, 2008

Relay the Deucey

Relay the Deucey is a hard call to teach, to workshop. I've never seen it done successfully. I've come to think a large part of the problem is dancers not knowing how to Half-Circulate.

Teaching or workshopping Relay the Deucey should begin with dancers in parallel waves. Then the end dancers should Half-Circulate eight times, with an emphasis on how small the Half-Circulate is for a trailing end, how large for a leading one. Finally, Partner Trade and repeat.

It should also be clear that there are six parts to Relay the Deucey:

1.  Partner Trade
2.  Centers Cast Off 3/4
3.  Center Six Trade
4.  Center Four Trade
5.  Center Six Trade
6.  Centers Cast Off 3/4

—with dancers at every part doing a Half-Circulate if not otherwise directed!

Dancers should be able to dance each part, stop, look around, understand where they are, what they're doing, where they're going. Callers should not buy into the cop out that Relay the Deucey is harder to do slowly and in stages. It's an illusion that dancers know what they're doing if they can fluff their way through at higher speeds.

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