Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Niter Wowz Dancerz

You have to hand it to Kent and Brian. They are singlehandedly going to restore square dancing's reputation in the gay-friendly community. They have done more to heal the childhood trauma induced by grade school P.E. coaches who "teach" "square dancing" than Dr. Spock and Oprah, combined. Actually, dancing to these two is a little like listening to an old George Burns and Gracie Allen radio show. I'm not saying which is which.

This much is clear: the jaded oldtimers were having just as much fun as the dozen new dancers at last night's open house. Chaz and KeithAnn had everything faultlessly organized. The DC Lambda Squares display was attention getting and served to get the newcomers thinking and talking about square dancing. Of course, Kathy and Mitch put together a wonderful spread, a special thanks for that.

Thank goes to all the veterans. Everyone's cheer and enthusiasm filled the hall. This occasion was festive, and the club members' spirited participation made it a (dare I say) fabulous evening. I hope that every first niter can be as fun as this!