Sunday, December 2, 2007

Should Box The Gnat be a gender call?

Recently I was at a dance where the caller called (or seemed to call) Box The Gnat for facing dancers of the same gender. He maintained (or I thought he maintained—such is the Fog of Floor) that at our level (A or above) gender didn't matter. I should mention that he has subsequently denied all of this. But it got me thinking what a genderless definition of Box The Gnat might be. I propose, Slide Thru And Roll. The whole arm thing then just becomes a co-gender flourish.

P.S. Oh yes, I see that my definition isn't genderless, but it does allow the call to be made for two facing dancers of whatever gender.


Happy said...

Yes, you could use your definition, but an important part of the styling of the call is maintaining the hand hold at the end of the call. It seems to me, you could maintain the handhold if both parties raised their arms and turned away from the center (did the lady's part) while crossing to the other side of the formation. This is like a one-handed dishrag.

M said...

Oy. The definition does present a dilemma for dancers of the same gender facing each other and given the call Box the Gnat.
Both proposals given here are useful and a caller should say something about it when teaching it.
There appears no resolution to the dilemma unless the call itself is redefined. For it to apply to all gender situations, hence, genderless, apply the belle and beau tags to the definition and replace lady with belle, and man with beau. Alas, belles and beaus do not make an appearance until, perhaps years later, in Advanced level. Therefore, I say, the caller needs to stick to the definition regardless of floor level or else he should cue the call.

However, I would support the redefinition of Box the Gnat, or rather its definition extended, in the Advanced Definitions documents (just like it does for Recycle, for example, in the Facing Recycle situation.

M said...

Well, Tim pointed out to me that you don't have to be in partner-situation to do a box the gnat. This means belles & beaus don't strictly apply.

Happy said...

Aw, but boys and girls do. This really is a sex call. Honest!