Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Breaking Convention News

I would comment on the Honky-Tonk Queen contest, except I wasn't there. The winning queen was controversial - a radically new development in the history of the contest. On the other hand, Ward from Cadillac Squares was awarded a special 10-year Medallion for appearing (and not winning) in ten different Honky-Tonk Queen competitions. Congratulations, Ward!

Speaking of 10-year medallions, Lloyd Anderson, Abe Feldman, and Keith McDonald received their medallions as they walked across the stage to be embraced by Ett McAtee, then exit stage right. Ten years is a lot of convention memories, and lots of sore feet, not to mention hundreds of hours and thousands of tips. It's a happy, wonderful achievement.

The DCDC table continues to be a popular attraction. Even as I type these words, a hundred dancers, or so, are lined up ready to get their secret instructions on how to register early bird. It's a pretty bedraggled bunch, with fits and starts of consciousness. Lots of smiles and expectation are this morning's aroma, along with the coffee from the downstairs lobby.

That's about it for now. I'll report more, later.

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