Saturday, May 26, 2007

Breaking News from Convention

Yes! Team DC Lambda Squares is taking convention by storm. Busy secret operatives staff the DCDC Central Control, a conspicuously situated table, with an important mission: to infiltrate the international gay and lesbian square dance community, and ensure that square dancers from around the world get the not-so-secret message, that Washington, DC is hosting DC Diamond Circulate, 2009.

The crew working the crowd at the DCDC table

All appearances to the contrary (some of us do look like the dog dragged us in...), the DC dancers sparkle in the halls and on the sidewalks of Denver. This weekend is a gayla epoch in Denver, 1000s of gay bowlers, volleyball players, and of course, the stars: gay square dancers. The volleyballers are in the Denver Adams Mark, the bowlers took over the Marriott, and we're in the Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center. The 16th St Mall is lined with gay flags, and no wonder! 5,000 gay people in a four-square block area. You could meet your next husband here.

It's also interesting to note the relative ages and body types. The volleyballers appear to be the youngest and sleekest. I think some square dancers are headed over to their coliseum to do some recruiting. After all, you can't play volleyball forever. Those young 'uns need something to retire to.

Friday night, a couple of dozen people gathered in the Memorial room to pay tribute to Warren Jaquith and Vladislaw Schwartz. It was a very somber, but happy moment, because we truly remembered the happy times that their presence brought to square dancing and to our club. Warren and Vlad, we miss you, but we know that you are here dancing with us.

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